Project GROWS – E.L.EN.A n. 2017-092

The project submitted by the Municipality of Campi Salentina (Lead Partner) within the European Programme E.L.E.N.A is called G.R.O.W.S – Green Revolution Of Wealth in Salento.
(The acronym refers to the verb TO GROW that means in this case Development from an economic and social point of view.)

G.R.O.W.S is an ambitious project, born thanks to the strong will of the 27 partners which have undersigned the commitment to take the great chance to enhance the GROWTH of their territory in a sustainable and smart way. Thanks to an accurate investment plan which requires public and private cooperation it will be possible to qualify and refurbish many buildings located in the municipalities and enlighten the cities reducing the impact on the environment and saving resources.

The main object is, as a matter of fact, to reach the nZEB (nearly zero energy building) level. It means with a nearly zero environment impact, top energy efficiency and huge savings for the environment itself and society.