The Lead Partner and “Consortium GROWS”

Since Spring 2015 the Municipality of Campi Salentina had understood the importance of a project within the Programme ELENA for its territories in all sectors: urban, tourism, jobs….
To obtain really satisfying results it was necessary to create an impressive number of investments, that’s why the decision to involve the Union of the Municipalities of Salento and other Municipalities.

This led to the partnership of 27 municipalities which have expressed their will to take part in ELENA, designating the Municipality for Campi Salentina to take every necessary action to submit the project.

Even if Campi Salentina is not the biggest municipality among the partners it has been chosen because of the incredible prestige it has in the territory, its unifying capability and above all for the particular attention it has always paid to the Environment.
Campi Salentina has in fact joined the Covenant of Mayors since 2010 and the Major Adapt since 2014 and this is the reason why it has introduced and promoted E.L.EN.A to all the other municipalities.

In order to ease all the several activities scheduled for the project and in compliance with the Law on 27th November 2018 the municipalities members have undersigned a Convention according to art. 30 of the Unique text EE.LL (Law Decree N. 267/2000) that rules the partnership and the single responsibilities and indicates as Lead Partner the Municipality of Campi Salentina and have named the partnership “Consortium Grows”

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